Is Metamask a safe wallet?

Is Metamask a safe wallet?

These days it’s only a matter of time and location, you will turn your head, and there it is.

A new cryptocurrency wallet or exchange platform promises to help manage your crypto and sell and buy it.

We admit it’s overwhelming that there are more than 50 platforms for crypto on the internet, and because these platforms are all anonymous, you cannot ensure everything is on these wallets.

However, some specific wallets in the virtual world have proven themselves, meaning that they have been tested and are safe and sound.

In this article, we will discuss one of the famous and well-liked crypto wallets in the market called the Metamask; this platform is known for its simplicity.

Many factors and characteristics make an exceptional crypto wallet, and we list all those points. Hopefully, we can conclude whether the Metamask is a safe wallet or not.

So, if you are as excited as we are to discover this wallet and its wonders, come with us, and let’s start the article.

Pros and Cons of the Metamask

To determine the deal with Metamask, we must constructively discuss its pros and cons.

Meaning that every platform in the world has its good and bad sides, and without any judgment, we have to go through all of them to be able to decide on the usability and practicality of the wallet and not to mention its safety.

Just like any other wallet that supports crypto, the Metamask has its Pros and Cons, and we will list them, and then we intend to go deeper into these items in the list:

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Metamask Pros

  • Effortless process of downloading and installing.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • No personal information is needed.
  • Multi-wallet option.
  • ERC20 support.

Metamask Cons

  • No resetting the password.
  • Low-quality technical and customer support.
  • No support for BITCOIN

NOTE: as it’s evident, we will not discuss the Cons.

The process you have to utilize to download and install Metamask is straightforward. You can easily download the desktop and mobile operating systems applications by referring to their official website.

The second fact that makes Metamask a decent wallet is the low transaction fees, so you should not worry about the tremendous amount the price.

And the wallet requires no personal information when creating a wallet which is a plus point because it increases the security and safety of the wallet.

Metamask allows you to make multiple wallet accounts in only one application, meaning that you could have 5 wallets at once on one device and one app.

And last but not least, the fact that this wallet supports ERC20 (Ethereum Request for comment) is something we haven’t seen on many wallets in the crypto market.

Now let’s move on to the next section, shall we?

Features of the Metamask

Although the application doesn’t have any reset password setting on it, the safe phrase that consists of 12 random words is your key to log in to your account on other devices, and even when you are t trying to make any transfer or transaction, the Metamask will ask for your safe phrase to be safe.

Because of the ERC20 protocol, this application can support more than 450,000 tokens and coins on the Ethereum network, meaning more than any other wallet on the vast internet.

You can even find some of the coins you cannot find in any other wallets on the internet, so supportively is one of the exceptional features of the Metamask.

One of the other characteristics that we liked is that when you are first starting to work with the wallet, it doesn’t ask you for any personal information and, in the end, only increases the app’s safety.

We will admit we are intrigued to use this wallet.

And the last feature that we would like to discuss is the NFT support.

You can always use this platform to store NFTs that you have gathered from multiple BlockChain networks.

The next matter that we would like to tend to is security.

The security of Metamask

When it comes to security, things are different with Metamask.

Most wallets responsible for managing cryptocurrencies focus on the security measures that help the wallet’s security. To achieve that, a wallet has to alter its whole structure.

But the, Metamask is one of the wallets that insists on anonymity more than security measures.

As we said, the app will not ask you about personal information when creating a wallet. However, there is a reason for that.

Usually, when you transfer a crypto coin to another user, they will be notified who sent the currency, but in the Metamask, because there is no record of you, not even your name, and the person that receives the crypto will have no idea who sent that crypto coin.

We think this is a new perspective on security.

Correct, sometimes you have to use some security measures to get the best answer and top security, but Metamask believes that being anonymous combined with the 12-word safe phrase is just enough to protect you from intruders.

However, many scam applications and internet services aim to get your 12-word safe phrase, and if someone accesses those words, they can easily take control of your account.

Besides, some applications are the third party to Metamask and aim to control your wallet.

Now let’s get to the setup of the Metamask.

Setup of the Metamask (+2 short stage tutorial)

Like any other crypto wallet, you can set up the Metamask effortlessly.

Keep in mind that by now, we understand that if you are a professional in the world of crypto, you are good to go, but if you are starting, you might look for alternatives for more security.

Now let’s get to the tutorial.

Stage 1

Download the Metamask application from legit stores on mobile phones like Appstore (IOS) and Playstore (Android). Then install the application.

In this step, you can see that the app wants you to set a password for your account just in case you want to log off for a bit.

Choose a secure password that includes numbers, letters, and characters.

Stage 2

The application will give you a safe phrase that includes 12 random words in this step.

We advise you to store that safe phrase somewhere other than your phone to be safe.

Keep in mind that if you forget your password or even lose it, the only way you can recover your account is via the safe phrase, so you have to keep it as safe as possible because someday, your assets may depend on it.

If you want to make an account on the desktop, download the application from the official website of Metamask.

Now that you know how to set up the Metamask, let’s get to the next section.

The usability of the Metamask

As we mentioned several times through this article, the usability of the Metamask is significantly better than other wallets; now, let’s see why?

Firstly, the user interface and experience in the Metamask wallet are exceptional. If you are new to crypto, you can quickly figure out how to work with this application.

So, this can be the first reason why the usability of the Metamask is decent, and we might mention that both the desktop and mobile versions obey this first fact.

Secondly, the support for the hardware wallets is one of the sensitive points of every wallet, and as you know, not many wallets support solid crypto wallets.

But the Metamask is one of the few wallets that will allow you to use hardware wallets; by use, you can purchase coins and then store them in a device in the form of a USB drive.

The third fact is the payment methods of Metamask.

Let’s say that you are trying to purchase a coin and you don’t have a master card, do not worry because Metamask has many other ways that you can help us to pay for the crypto and its fee.

You can even use the crypto coins in your wallet to pay for other cryptocurrencies.

Apple pay, visa, and bank transfer are the alternative payment methods.

We are done with the statics now; we will talk technical.

Customer service of the Metamask


Most of the wallets on the internet have excellent customer service because they care about their customers and know that the company will go down without them.

However, the services on the Metamask aren’t that excellent.

You can always use the community section of the application to ask questions from the other users who might know the answer.

But if you want to get in touch with Metamask, you have to ticket them via email, and hopefully, they will answer your inquiries.

We are not saying that Metamask is not caring for its customers, but we presume that this platform thinks that it might be flawless and, if it has, some users can quickly contact them via email.

However, we feel like if the customer service were online and operated via a specialist, that would be brilliant.


Metamask is one of the loved crypto management wallets on the internet, and you can use this platform to store, buy and sell crypto in a very effortless way; however, every good has a bad.

We talked about the pros and cons of the Metamask platform, and then we tended to the security, which taught us that the perspective of Metamask is quite different from what we have in mind.

However, some security measures impress us.

The support aspect of the Metamask is very decent. It supports almost every coin on the BlockChain network; this means you can use it to perform actions even on the newest coins on the market.

In the end, we are happy that you joined us through this article, and we hope that eventually, all of the information we provided in this statement will help you choose the right crypto wallet.

If you have any additional inquiries about the “Is Metamask a safe wallet?” article, you can contact us via the comment section below or the information on the website’s contact page.



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