Litecoin’s New Update & Chances of Delisting From Crypto Exchanges

By declaration of Litecoin’s New Update called: MWEB Litecoin, this currency became more private and concentrate more on the security part of the blockchain.  Meanwhile, most of the  investors and traders are more willing to purchase this asset but centralized crypto exchanges in some countries such as South Korea are considering delisting the LTC from exchanges because of Possible legal problems.


The main problem is due to the new update that will be activated in 2257920th Block, in every transaction the privacy between sender and receiver will be improved.

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Basically, tracing the amount of crypto-asset sent by the authorities of countries like South Korea will be impossible which means then they cannot compute the tax. Also, The developers added that the updates increase the power of network operation and speed of transaction processing.

According to Upbit’s announcement centralized exchanges always seeks to prevent money laundering, that’s why if they see MWEB Litecoin update will be activated, they will delist LTC from their exchanges.

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