metamask wallet vs trust wallet

metamask wallet vs trust wallet maybe you’re asking which one is the best for holding assets? Or thinking which is more convenient. the good news is You’ve come to the right place! This paper will help you choose between Trust Wallet and MetaMask.


in terms of UI design (user interface)

both of them has some similarities but metamask UI is more difficult to understand and to use. but once you  understand and used to it you can get the feedback that you wanted before.


in terms of accesibility

trust wallet only has mobile app but metamask has software for windows and also has android and ios app.

in terms of currencies

it’s good to know, both of them offers access to the Ethereum block chain. metamask and trust wallet they support NFTs ( non-fungible tokens )

trust wallet supports more than just Ethereum that’s why i prefer trust wallet for quick transactions.

Let’s talk about security

in trust wallet we can export our private key and lock our assets.

And everytime we have transaction we will recieve notification.

interestingly On metamask all the information are protected with metamask password.

Long story short we can definitely say both trust wallet and metamask wallet are safe, however non of them cannot be as safe as cold wallet which is not connected to the internet.

trust wallet vs metamask fees

trust wallet has zero fee model and the only fee that you should consider is related to the   exchange that you are using. so sending and recieving assets in trust wallet is more economic


Bottom Line

For holding some assets I recommend trust wallet to you. cause as i mentioned before, the fee is zero and trust wallet is more user friendly.

Note: exchanges are not wallets! do not store your assets in crypto exchanges, just palce your orders and then transfer them to your wallets.


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