top 5 crypto hot wallets 2022 ?

most midterm traders and holders before placing their buy orders on the crypto exchange must consider a suitable and proper wallet which is really vital. if your amount of investment is low you can store your cryptos on a hot wallet but if your balance is higher than 10,000$ you should stake your currencies on a cold wallet.


in this article, we suggest 5 hot wallets which are user-friendly and secure.

Coinbase wallet

it’s perfect for beginners, and coinbase is most popular crypto exchange in USA. if you’re beginner we   recomend you to install coinbase.

You can download coinbase wallet for android and IOS and the UI and UX of the application is simple and user-friendly.

Trust wallet

Trust wallet is one of the most user friendly wallets which is owned by Binance.

you can use it on android or IOS, but there is no trust wallet for windows.

this well-known wallet allows you to trade various cryptocurrencies safely and protect you from unauthorized access.


metamask is one of the most prefered Ethereum wallets. Metamask allows users to send, receive and store assets safely.

for creating and selling NFT you can use metamask.



Exodus Wallet is one of the most popular and widely used software or hot wallets for cryptocurrencies. The most important feature of this wallet is its user-friendliness and it is suitable for people who have just entered the interesting world of cryptocurrencies.

if you’re beginner there is no need to worry, you can learn how to use the wallet just like a peace of cake.


Argent wallet is one of the newest software wallets in the field of cryptocurrencies. Right now this wallet is designed only for users who intend to interact with the Ethereum blockchain network and does not allow the storage and management of crypto assets of other networks. With this device, you can save tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Argent also provides access to tokens at any time and place by providing mobile phone versions for Android and IOS operating systems.


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