what is nft stand for

To tell you what NFT stands for: N for non F for fungible and T for the token, we call it nonfungible tokens. Nowadays, NFTs generated many opportunities by knowing them and studying more about them we can use this exciting chance. to tell you briefly about chances, One of them is learning how to code on the blockchain; another one we can mention is creating our NFT and selling. In this post, we’re going to explain about NFT concept and definition, and we will discuss about types of nft then I tried to give a brief explanation about prospects


What is a nonfungible token?

Nonfungible tokens are crypto graphics or digital assets like art, music, and movies that can be bought or sold on blockchain.

some points about NFT that you have to know 

  • NFTs can remove intermediaries.
  • Tokenizing these digital assets has some crucial advantages. One of the most important ones that we can mention is these procedures can prevent fraud. 
  • Also, NFTs can define individuals’ identities, property rights, and more.



What Exactly Can be Made into an NFT?

interestingly there is a vast variety of types of assets that can trade in nft format. digital artworks, tweets, music, videos, are famous examples of the things can be made into NFT.

right now i’m gonna briefly explain three kinds of them but then i will explain more deeply and more various.

digital artworks

It is good to know that to sell digital artwork is accessible, artists can make their digital art with their computer by photoshop software with smartpen or smart tablet. They can convert their digital image from various formats like JPGs, PNGs, MP4s, etc., then convert them into NFTS in order to sell them.


In some games, you can make your own profit by buying and selling NFTs.
Blockchain cuties is one of them. In this game, firstly, you need to configure your wallet with this game, then you need some deposit and by time passes you will learn how to buy and sell at the right time.


NFT videos are really profitable. By giving two examples of two successful nft videos I’m going to improve my point.
In 2020 a video was created by beeple artist and sold for 67,000$ to a guy named Pablo Rodriguez, 5 months later, Rodriguez sold it for 6.6 million$.


another example: marvel sold one of the spider man nft 3d cartoons for 50,000$ I guarantee the buyer can sell it with incredible profits.



Pros of NFTs

Cost and time friendly:  one  of the crypto websites : smallbiztrend well said about one of the benefits of nfts “thanks to the existing NFT marketplaces that make it cheap to mint, sell, price, and bid for NFTs”.


Customer Relationship  Management: Unlike physical products, NFTs are trackable and help identify the owners assisting businesses to declare beneficial insights into their owners.

Cons of NFT

1. Doubtful Value

Even the specialists, NFTs are confusing purchases. When you buy one of these non-fungibles, you’re not necessarily purchasing the copyright to the art.

2. Environmental Price

The environment is a hot issue of debate as of late. Any record entered into the Ethereum blockchain takes considerable computing, which requires substantial energy.

maybe solar panels would be a good idea for achieving zero emission.

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