what makes a good nft ?

for me, it’s been a puzzle about what makes a good nft? so i stated some searching and studying this post is the result of my curiosity.

what’s NFT stand for?

N for non F for fungible and T for the token, we call it nonfungible tokens.

in this post we listed some tips to consider before making your decision before buying a NFT.

selling and buying nfts are extremly risky, please do not take any advice from any blogs. coinradio take no resposibility for your profit or loss



the first factor we should consider, during our research, is to find out who the creator is or what’s the organization.

most of the times, a trust worthy NFT projects has uncovered team with clear data about intention of project.

you should keep in mind, in fact, you are investing in a person or team behind NFT, not just NFT itself.


2- Actual File or Art Work

one of the most subjective aspects of nft price is the artwork and the story behind that file.

3- RoadMap

The road map is essential but not enough, we can consider it as an idea. we should beware most of roadmaps are just plans and will not execute.

the only way to learn how to realize a trustworthy roadmap is: study most famous projects from 2010 and examine how much they were successful in past years.

Another point you should consider before purchasing any digital product is to ask are there any advantages or benefits if you buy the product or not.

for example, some well-known production companies are trying to sell their nfts and they considered a special offers and discounts for their nft buyers.

4- BackGround

In comparison to Road Map background is more crucial because the background of the team can declare whether the team is able to execute the plan or not.


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